2007 Soller Memorial Golf Outing

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2007 Pictures

Phil "After Shock" Richter, Logan "Tremor" Richter, Kevin "King Kong" Vannatta, Mark "Maybe Next Year" Vannatta

Eric "the Animal"  Vannatta, Will "Wonka" Ghidotti, Kyle "Mad Hatter" Hatton, Wes "Earthquake" Richter

Mike "Shaft Bender" Murphy, Carole "Michelle Wie" Myser, Doug "Grip and Rip" Myser Jr., Doug "Hit the ball, Alice" Myser

Aaron "His Airness" Lane, Ben "Speed Racer" Soller, Becca "di Beppo" Lane, Evan "Blaze" Horton

Chuck "Leg of" Lamb, Brad "the Body" Soller, Dante "Inferno",  Bill "Sigma" Soller, Eric "Sticks-up" Soller

Spencer "Monsterville" Powelson, Grant “Spider-Man” Powelson, Margie "Maineville" Powelson, Tom "The Tantrum" Soller, Leah “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” Soller, Peggy "The Panic" Soller

Toni "The Tiger"   Allen, Annmarie "Tigress"  Soller, Mary "Heather Shaver" Moro, Trina "Sandy Potbunker" Soller

Jerry "Ping Dynasty" Moro, Vincent "O.B. Juan" Soller, Pat "Bangers and Mash" Soller, Bob "Emperor Strikes Back" Soller

Chris "Yasser Hititfat" Jones, Marty "Boom Boom" Soller, Donna "Shumie " Jones,Rob "Vegamatic" Jones

Jim "Freight Train" Soller, Stacy "Captain Hook" Lane, David "Snowman" Soller, Joe "The Hacker"  Soller,  Matt "Brown"  Soller

Steve "Party Time" Soller, Alex "Jeopardy" Reisdorf, Mitch "The Twitch" Keidan, Adam "Raising Cain" Warrall

Doug Myser Jr. gets teed off
Pat's team just misses a birdie
Doug Myser with the perfect follow-through
Annmarie looks for her ball
Grant celebrates his tee shot!
Spencer urges his putt to drop
Leah shows off her matching putter
Grant smiles to the crowd
Eric tends the flag
Dante goes for a birdie
Eric just misses!
Chuck shows off his form that won previous Opens
Margie gives instructions while Tom tries to putt
Trina crushes the ball!
David reads his putt
Matt shows his classic putting style
Joe reverts to his cross-handed putting style to try to give his team some momentum
Stacy adds a little body english to get his putt to drop...to no avail
The Blues Brothers take a cart for a spin
Marty tells the champs how close his team was to winning this year
David and Joe, last year's champs, present the trophy to the 2007 champions
The 2007 Champions - Mitch Keidan, Steve Soller, Adam Warrall and Alex Reisdorf
Longest putt champion Mary Moro with her grandson Vincent
Closest to the pin on #2 winner Will Ghidotti
Longest Drive for women - Carole Myser
Longest Drive for men - Adam Warrall
Shot of the day went to Bob Soller - he defeathered a birdie with his drive
Bob explains why suspenders will be the new golf fashion
Smooth moves from this year's champion-Steve Soller




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