2006 Soller Memorial Golf Outing

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1.Brad Soller, Chuck Lamb, Bill Soller, Eric Soller 2. Trina Soller, Toni Allen, Mary Moro, Celia and Ann Marie Soller
3. Pat & Vincent Soller, Jerry Moro, Bob Soller 4. Mark & Eric Vannatta, Wes & Phil Richter
5. Chris & George Promenschenkel, Justin Mader and Phil Payne 6. Jim Snider, Jr., Lee Hoelscher, David & Joe Soller, Jim Snider, Sr.
7. Jim Soller, Dave Benyak, Kyle Ballinger, Steve Soller 8. Phyllis Soller, Spencer, Margie & Grant Powelson, Yvonne & Brian Vermillion
9. Evan Horton, Ben Soller, Becca Lane, Charlie Hoertz 10. Danny Salzgaber, Rob Miller, Alan Klotzbach, Ryan Muncie
11. Chris Flickinger, Rich & Steve Leonardo, Dave Rangler 12. Chris & Donna Jones, Marty Soller and Rob Jones
13. Gary Predmore, Joel Brown, Leah, Tom & Peggy Soller 14. The Queen of the Grill - Linda Soller, Donna Jones and Natalie Horton
15. The Cart Girls - Annie & Rachel Lane 16. Alex Horton and Mary Soller
17. Trina Soller on the tee. 18. Where's my marker? Bob, Vincent, Jerry and Pat look for their lost nickel.
19. Mr. Howell, aka Bob Soller, with his "Ask Your Mother" button phrase that he made famous. 20. The Hilliard Mafia
21. Marty responds to the gallery 22. The Vannatta team looks for a birdie to tie for the lead.
23. Bob, Mary Jo, Pat & Trina Soller smile for the camera. 24. Justin Mader and Phil Payne hope their 29 is good enough...it isn't.
25. Chris & George Promenschenkel impressed the gallery with their matching Jaguar XKE-inspired spoked-wheel carts. 26. Alex, Natalie and Linda take a break from the grill.
27. Alex Horton reacts to hearing her Dad Evan lost in a playoff. 28. Alex Horton tries on Mary's shades.
29. Which one uses Clairol? 30. Chris & Mary Jo Flickinger (the portable DVD player grand prize winner)
31. The Tournament Chairman shows off his new Father's Day OSU Visor. 32. Best-dressed couple Brian & Yvonne Vermillion
33. The playoff teams hear the rules. 34. Checking out the line from the first putt.
35. Tom Soller lines up the first putt in the playoff. 36. Gary Predmore takes aim.
37. Grant Powelson shows off his Adidas sponsorship. 38. Ben Soller takes his turn in the playoff.
39. Charlie Hoertz draws a bead. 40. Steve Leonardo explains what he's going to do to the ball if it doesn't go in the hole.
41. Dave Rangler is a study in concentration. 42. Chris and Rich grimace while Lee and Jimmy smile over a missed putt.
43. The birthday boy, Jim Snider, Jr., goes into his singular putting crouch. 44. Lee could use the long putter that was given away in the raffle!
45. Lee's team celebrates his winning putt. 46. Rosemary Leonardo, one of the record gallery, enjoys the tasty chips.
47. Master of Ceremonies gives away some fabulous prizes. 48. The prize committee stands at the ready.
49. Jim Snider enjoys the rousing rendition of Happy Birthday sung in his honor. 50. The Champs.
51. Jim Snider won the Closest to the Pin award on #2. 52. Jimmy Snider unleashes his soliloquy of sport misadventures to the amusement of the crowd.
53. Best buddies for 30 years - Jim and Marty enjoy a laugh. 54. Yvonne Vermillion takes home the longest drive for women award.
55. Brian Vermillion picks up the Longest Putt award. 56. Brian shows off the trophy and his new beard.


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